Rigid PVC Solvent Cement For Cooling Towers
Product Code : Sunflex-0184

Application : PVC rigid sheets (male and female) coupled with the solvent weld  are being used as cooling tower fill material because it is impervious to decay, fungus and biological attack, flame resistant and stable  in various weather conditions. This modern technology in cooling tower industry requires a highly efficient, welding method to couple the rigid PVC sheets together. Sunflex-0184 is specially formulated for efficient joining of PVC rigid sheets. The joint made by Sunflex-0184 remain unaffected even at the exposure to high cooling water temperature like 65˚C. It has been formulated to join all shapes and thicknesses of PVC rigid sheets. Also Sunflex-0184 can be used to join PVC/CPVC pipes being used in the modern cooling tower water distribution systems.

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